Introducing a new kickass cocktail


Tangy, Fizzy, Refreshing
6.9% ABV


Crafted in collaboration with the beverage wizards at Portland Syrups, Mountain Mule packs a zesty blend of tangy ginger, juicy lime and fresh-pressed cider. Don't mule it over too long, this one's a real kick in the pants.

As a rule, we typically don't use "sleeved" or "wrapped" cans, because unless the sleeve is removed, they're not recyclable. As you might notice, this can is sleeved. There is a reason behind that.

We hope though, no matter what, that you'll remove the sleeve after enjoying your Mountain Mule cider cocktail before pitching it in the familiar blue bin. Upon doing so, you'll no doubt notice there's something quite odd going on underneath. Let us explain…

Back in February, Schilling was preparing to launch this flavor of cocktail series under a different name - the name of the traditional copper-cup-and-ginger cocktail that you would normally see. As the awful news spread across the world of tragedy unfolding, our team huddled, and we made a unanimous decision to change the label to something decidedly more Pacific Northwest themed - something that wouldn’t highlight the tragedy, but instead highlight the kickass tasting cocktail worthy of being named after a Gold Rush. They say finding gold is like winning the lottery, well finding the Mountain Mule is equally the same.

Cheers to making an impact.
Cheers to kickass cocktails!