Meet The Apples

Our fresh-pressed juice blends start with the best Washington-grown apple varietals such as Gala, Fuji, and Honeycrisp. We then blend in juice from French and English cider apples. These lesser-known heritage apples have a darker color, pronounced tannin profile, and tart flavor that is perfect for cider-making. Our apple blends aim to capture the modern flavors of Pacific Northwest cider with the complexity and mouthfeel of traditional European ciders.

Profile: Very sweet
Extremely juicy, Crisp, cream colored flesh. Called "sweets" for a reason.

Profile: Mild sweet flavor
Somewhat Juicy, Crisp, creamy yellow flesh. The royal of the apples.

Profile: Tart with a hint of sweet and juicy
Crisp, creamy yellow and reddish flesh with a red glo center. This one is out of this world.

Profile: Complex, sweet, and tart
Juicy Super-crisp yellow flesh. If you want to follow on the gram just look for Cris P.

Profile: Tannic, bitter and tart
These heritage European varietals—such as Kingston Black, Foxwhelp and Dabinett—are small, tart, and add amazing tannic quality to cider. While not great for eating, they make for absolutely delicious cider!

Cider Making Process

Harvesting Happy
Select the Best
Fresh Pressed is Best
Fun With Fermentation
Bright and Bubbly
Deliver Smiles
Too Pressed to Be Stressed

Here at Schilling Cider, we have always looked for ways to uplift the craft cider industry, share what cideries across the nation are creating, and come together to celebrate the vast range of cider! From fruit-forward and juicy, to spiced or botanical, to high ABV imperials and pommeaus, to dry heritage single-varietals, and so much more, cider is for everyone to enjoy, and what better time than the harvest season?

While year-round, our Cider Houses host hundreds of craft ciders from around the world, this year, we wanted to launch National Cider Month – an opportunity to gather together for events, enjoy the bounty of varieties produced in the United States, learn about the orchards and traditions they came from, and hear what other makers and lovers are most excited about this year. So grab a drink and join us for a toast to the first National Cider Month!


Fall is here and no one is more exCIDERed about it than we are! Schilling Hard Cider presents National Cider Month, a celebration of the delicious and always-in-style Apple. One of nature’s most amazing and versatile fruits. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

We believe that happy apples come from happy orchards. And happy apples make the most delicious ciders. Our delicious craft ciders start with the best apples grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Schilling Cider is the #1 cidermaker in the US that uses fresh-pressed apple juice. We do this because we believe this makes for the best-tasting cider, and of course, great-tasting hard cider makes happy people.

Raise your glass, pick up some delicious craft cider and join us in celebrating National Cider Month!

A-Peel-Ing Events

Schilling Cider House presents 10 days of Cider Celebrations, showcasing our favorite ciders and cideries!

  • Friday 9/2 - Schilling's Chaider Pre-Release
  • Saturday 9/3 - Summer Seasonals
  • Sunday 9/4 - Greenwood Tap Takeover
  • Monday 9/5 - Cider Trivia + International Tap Takeover
  • Tuesday 9/6 - Schilling Cider House's 8th Birthday Celebrations
  • Wednesday 9/7 - Cockrell Tap Takeover
  • Thursday 9/8 - Channel Marker Tap Takeover
  • Friday 9/9 - Local Legends Afterparty
  • Saturday 9/10 - Cider Summit
  • Sunday 9/11 - Schilling Sasquatch Sunday Social

A-Peel-Ing Events

Please join us as we welcome harvest season and celebrate National Cider Month with a Cider Maker's Dinner featuring a four-course gluten-free menu created by Chef Sara Hauman! Guests will enjoy menu items such as apple, fennel, leek bisque, poached albacore tuna, chestnut crepe, and cider-braised pork belly - each dish expertly paired with Schilling Hard Cider! 100% of all proceeds will be donated to charities fighting to end hunger.


Nov 9 / The Old Ranier Brewery

100% of proceeds benefit Northwest Harvest

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Cider House Tap Takeovers

Featured Cideries: Incline, Dragon's Head, Liberty, and Alpenfire.

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Cider House Tap Takeovers

Featured Cideries: Helvetia,19 Acres, Finnriver, and Bauman's.

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